Affordable British Schools – How To Find Them

Affordable British Schools – How To Find Them

Who says there is no such thing as affordable British schools in Dubai? Don’t take my word, the KHDA approved of this too!!

Before I say something stupid, the parent needs to know low fees are equal to low facilities and quality of faculties. However, it’s better than nothing at least your child may know the importance of social life, and you may give more attention to your child’s academic progress.

There are countless British primary Schools in Dubai whose fees you can afford. Some of them are older and more experienced than most schools, but they weren’t able to increase their fees. WHY? Because older schools mean older buildings, hence older lab equipment, and it will be located in a more congested part of the emirate.

Note: you may find some acceptable schools here, but maybe not KHDA or vice versa. For example, if your child requires good quality and grooming kind education than this might be not in your entrust.

Get Help From KHDA

KHDA has all the records of all the schools in Dubai, doesn’t matter they are off national or international origin. You can get good recommendations from them, or maybe a list of affordable British schools around Dubai.

Cheap Doesn’t Mean You Stop Checking

There are a lot of parents who take cheap for guaranteed and lost all kinds of hope to look for better schools on the list. However, it’s not a bright idea. There will be good schools and bad schools in the affordable list too. You just need to do a little background check and meet the faculties to know, they are qualified and experienced enough to handle your child.

What the School Says

It’s Important to understand what schools say about themselves, are they confident in their ability to give the best quality of education to their students, or their attitude is more like a cheap kind. For example. “What can we do we don’t have enough resources to coup up with your child” Red Flagged. It should be more like this, “Our commitment is to give a community of learners, young and old, where parents, teachers, and children work as a team to enable all to develop their skills to the best of their abilities and reach their full potential.” 

The ability to convince is also an ability you want in your child.