Different training institutes in UAE have been the premiere convening of young leaders in teaching children. Training Institutes have grown to become the premier children’s training and development institutions in the nation.

Different programs are underway and have a set goal of transforming training institutes into a contemporary international leader in training, development, research, and placement. The new training institutes are being run as an independent enterprise. What can be expected for the next years!

1.    The current programs are force is set to transform and revitalize the children, training institutes will also look to expand their reach across the different cities and countries, targeting national and international developmental and organizational arenas.

2.    The goal is to establish in all these venues the highest levels of professional training for the best of the young minds and promote team building activities in UAE. The institutes are also looking to improve upon the personal and group development that occurs in the training institutes. It is hoped that this will allow the institutes to expand their membership and professional profile, creating an even greater opportunity for trained leaders at any level.

3.    The ultimate objective is to create a national network of training institutes that will work in collaboration with each other and with local and national community organizations to help forge a common vision for children, educators, researchers, and other professionals.

4.    To achieve this, training institutes have developed a curriculum and a set of core values that will guide their programs. The core values, which are written on behalf of the program, guarantee the expectations of our youth, emphasizing the inter-personal relationships between teachers and students and placing physical health and spiritual well-being as the top priority.

5.    These principles have been adopted, as have the core curriculum and various other aspects of the organization. However, there are additional areas that have been developed specifically as part of this strategy.

6.    One important component of the leadership development plan is to ensure that the training institutes are involved in large numbers of religious and spiritual groups and activities. For example, there are training institutes that are involved in larger numbers of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim groups.

7.    This allows for more effective and efficient communication between different parts of the organization. Additionally, it ensures that there is an interest in and a commitment to these groups. It is hoped that the effort will encourage the members to give their best in whatever area they are assigned.