If there is a need to have tiles in your house, then you need to go to sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai as there are a lot of them and they will be there to help you with making the right purchase. You can go to them and ask about the kind of tiles you have to get for your house according to the area where you need them. Most of them will be happy to assist you can provide you good information about it. You can go to specific porcelain tiles suppliers in Dubai and they will provide you the list of classes according to their usage so you can select the best one for your house. Here is the list of tiles classes for your information:

Class 1: These are the lightest and most fragile of all and they will be used only to the areas where there is no traffic on them even not a smaller kid should step on them so they will be used on the walls only.

Class 2: These are the one that will be able to get some abrasion on them or they can have the protection from water as well so you can get them on the bathroom walls where you can use hard sponges on them while washing them occasionally.

Class 3: These have the moderate level of thickness and they can be used where lesser traffic is going on them or where you can have your daily work like you can have them as your counter tops in the kitchen or you can use them as the table top where you need them:

Class 4: This is also for some moderate level of traffic like people can walk on them and they can easily run around on them while doing your regular work. They can use as the floor tiles on the regular houses and as well as at the commercial buildings where a lot of people will be working daily.

Class 5: It is for very heavy traffic like the commercial traffic or at the areas where the vehicles will need to run around like in garages or sometimes people will like to have them on the porch and in the street as well where vehicle traffic will be there along with the human traffic as these suits there.