We have learned in the best English courses in Dubai that English is the most mind-boggling language. This is because different people who are learning this language for the first time say that there are so many things in this language that don’t make sense. And still it is the most common language in the world.

People do IELTS in Dubai just because they can get a good job or they do IELTS to make sure that they move to a bigger country. If you go to an unknown country that speaks a totally different language then you still have the chance to communicate via English language and that is why we have dug up some facts about this language.

  • There are some words that don’t have a singular form like scissors, binoculars, knickers, snickers, pants. Come up with more words and let us know.
  • Synonym means the words that have same meaning for a different word and the synonym for the word synonym is poecilonym which is a Greek word which means various words.
  • We all know that A to Z alphabets are 26 letters, but did you know that there is a 27th letter as well! you will be shocked to know that the ampersand ‘&’ sign is the 27th letter.
  • There are very less people in the world who know how to play chess and the word in chess, checkmate was originated in 14th century from Arabic language that says ‘Shah Mat’ which means the king is helpless.
  • If you want to speak less and you work in a packaging company then this fact will help you speak less in some cases. Like there is word embox that means place something in a box, now you can teach all of this to the whole staff.
  • We all send emojis with text and you will be surprised to know that the word emoji is now added British and American dictionary.
  • We all know about Shakespeare and you will be shocked to know that he introduced some words in English that are still spoken and that is why his plays are very much appreciated.
  • The Latin and the Greek languages have much influenced in the English language and that is why most of the latest words are from these languages
  • English may be the most common language in the world but French and Spanish is the most learned language in the world.