Voice Over Tips For Amateurs

Voice Over Tips For Amateurs

According to a leading Dubai recording studio, if you are preparing for voice over projects, you should know that there are certain tricks of the trade that can help you in not only getting hired but also in ensuring that you impress the casting directors and producers. For one, keep in mind that it is not easy being a voice over talent. In fact, getting a voice over recording job can be very tough especially for those who have not done voice over recordings before. Here are some voice over tips that can help you make the biggest impact in your auditions.

Learn how to edit

It is one thing that makes a difference between a commercial recording and a voice-over recording. Despite the fact that both are intended for the same market sector and intended for the same audience, they are made differently. You have to know how to edit a commercial so that it will not sound unprofessional nor will it fail to meet your expectations.

Get the right headspace

This is an important voice over tip. Having the right headspace means that all sounds and nuances are well pronounced and will come out clearly. It is important for you to be clear about what you want to convey with your lines because if you are not clear with your direction, the casting director may not even pick you for the audition for voice over in Dubai.

Do not use the wrong type of microphone

This goes hand-in-hand with not using the right headspace. A lot of voice-overs fail to impress because the microphones used are not suited for the purpose. Instead of using the small microphones commonly used in commercial recordings, you can invest in the much larger microphone that is more suited to the voice-over genre. it will be big enough to capture all necessary sounds without having to become distorted.

Choose a soundproofing microphone

A pop filter is an inexpensive and essential component of any quality recording studio. If your microphone does not come with a pop filter, look for a condenser microphone that can be fitted on the front of the kit. Condenser microphones have a reputation for eliminating background noise and producing clean, crisp sound. They can also be used outdoors so that your voice can be recorded in a wide variety of environments as well.