If you need to start a new business in the free zone areas then you need to go to the RAKICC because they will be the one who will help you in starting a new business according to the area where you want to start. You have to first know that which kind of business you can do in that area and then go further to gather investment and other things for that.

You also need to know about the Shams free zone as it will be a good opportunity for you to start new business there which will be then almost free of any kind of taxes but you just have to get the license to start business there. While you need to get the license you have to hire a good lawyer who will help you in this regard so you have to pay them too and get some money aside for that payment as they may demand good money from you as they will be helping you in a bigger task that you cannot complete alone if you will. You may make mistakes when you try to apply for license and also you do not know which kind of license you will need according to the type of your business so you have to hire a good lawyer.

They will help you in getting more money and spending lesser before you start earning and it will happen through the way of getting license earlier without any delay because if you delay then there may be more fee that you have to pay to the authority as you are wasting their time and also sometimes when your documents are not complete then you have to get the penalty of paying the fee again and it will be a bigger headache for you.

You can avoid paying anything extra by making sure that you are hiring a good lawyer who knows how to get complete documents and they should have some experience in this field as well otherwise you will get problems in their working as well. While hiring you can take the advice from your friends so they will tell you about a good lawyer through whom they have done their work so you will hire them too as they are experienced and trust worthy in this regard.