Quality of work:

The first tip is that you need to check the quality of the services delivered by the elderly care in Dubai facility. You cannot just send your elderly people to there without knowing about the facilities in there so you have to give a visit to that place and then decide whether the place is good enough to trust or not.


The second tip is that you have to check the experience level of the physiotherapist when you are hiring them for you or for any of the person you know and especially when you are hiring them for home physiotherapy in Dubai. This is because they need to know how to handle the patients when they are at their own home. In the clinic they will have proper arrangements and the proper kind of bedding and equipment that will help them in keeping their exercise properly but in a house all these facilities are not available but an experienced person will do that work easily even in the absence of any equipment.


You need to check that how they are working to give the best relief to their patients and then it will be easier for you to hire them on that basis. When you are in pain then the only thing which you need is to get out of that pain and you will be willing to do anything for attaining that painless life but you have to be careful in hiring any physiotherapist who has good reputation in providing the relief to patients.

Visiting fee:

You need to ask about the visiting fee which they will be charging and then you also need to be sure about the amount whether that will be the same every time or they change that and you also need to ask about the charging of the fare or the fuel amount because sometimes these people will add the fuel amount to their fee as well which will make them more expensive because you are already paying them more for getting them in your house. In this situation if they add the fuel fee as well then you may not afford more visits from them.